Business Model

SiGEN is a provider of technology, processes, and equipment to the semiconductor, solar, display, and optoelectronics markets. To achieve its revenue goals, SiGen employs a combination of licenses, royalties, services, and equipment sales.

Process Licenses — SiGen has developed material processes for SOI, SOG, SOQ, and DSB-engineered substrates. Each process contains significant intellectual property (IP) and requires know-how to achieve successful results. SiGen provides process licenses, training, and know-how/show-how to customers who license these processes. For some customers, royalties may apply as part of a "per substrate" process license.

Application Engineering Services — For Customer Specific Substrates (CSS), SiGen offers in-house SIGEN® application-engineering services to develop and tune processes related to customer requirements. These services are offered on a time and materials basis to expedite time-to-production for custom-engineered substrates.

Support Services — SiGen offers services for process training, installation, and ongoing warranty and support services. Process training is an integral part of SiGen's technology transfer for customers taking Process Licenses.

Equipment Sales — A significant component of SiGen's business is process equipment. This equipment is typically used in R&D facilities to develop custom substrates, in pilot production, and in full manufacturing operation for high-volume production. SiGen offers a range of equipment platforms to implement its engineered substrate processes.

Since the layer transfer processes are fully integrated into the production of engineered substrates, SiGen typically has a deep engagement with a limited number of major customers. The company usually plays a consultative role with the customers as custom implementations of SiGen's processes are developed.**

The company supports its customers and potential customers through a direct sales force and independent representatives, supported by a service staff based in its San Jose offices.

SiGen's business model can be summarized as follows: SiGen provides unique, proprietary process technology and equipment to a limited number of large global customers. It works closely with those customers to develop engineered substrates for multiple markets, giving these companies a competitive advantage.