Stand-Alone Plasma (SPA) Tool

The stand-alone plasma-activation (spa) tool is a small footprint tool designed to provide a reactive surface to bond silicon wafers and heterogeneous substrates.

Silicon Genesis Corporation machine kept with white background

The SiGen PA Tool allows room-temperature bonding up to 80% of bulk covalent bond strength. The plasma technology utilizes proprietary dual-frequency RF sources to activate wafer substrates prior to bonding. The stand-alone system allows the integration of SiGen's PA benefits for high yield and throughput substrate production using non-plasma bond equipment.

Plasma Activation offers room temperature bonding with a bond strength up to 80% of bulk silicon (i.e., 80% of the force necessary to pull a silicon wafer apart at any lattice plane). A short, relatively low-temperature anneal brings the bond strength to 100% of bulk silicon.

The process chamber is a dual frequency parallel plate reactor that consists of top and bottom parallel plate electrodes. The top electrode serves as the "source" electrode with the bottom electrode as the "bias" electrode.