Debond and Cleave (DB&C) Tool

The DB&C tool is a small footprint tool designed for layer transfer applications in high-volume manufacturing.

Silicon Genesis Corporation machine kept with white background


  • SOI (silicon-on-insulator) is Used to reduce device voltage operation and power consumption and improve device speed.
  • DSB (direct silicon bond) Improved device mobility in CMOS circuitry by providing separate crystal orientation layers for NMOS and PMOS.
  • SOQ (silicon-on-quartz) Transferred single-crystal silicon onto a quartz substrate used for RF, display, and optical applications.
  • SOG (silicon-on-glass) Transferred single-crystal silicon onto bulk glass, enabling low-cost, high-efficiency solar cells, displays, and optical applications.
  • CSS (customer-specific substrate): A combination of donor-layer materials on unique handle substrates, including III-V and II-VI donor materials, sapphire ceramics, and flexible handle substrates.